Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Boys Life

My first post is going to be in my opinion one of the best bands every to form.

Boys Life were a Kansas City, Mo., band with an intensely energetic, but dissonant sound that sprung out of the post-hardcore scene in 1993. The band began releasing material on split 7" records with other local outfits Secular Theme and Giants Chair. Relying on a stripped-down sound punctuated by out-of-tune, noisy guitars and a ‘quiet' then ‘loud' alternation, the foursome then put out two full-length albums, Boys Life in 1995 and the out-of-print classic Departures and Landfalls in 1996.

Tagged emo-core by critics and kids alike, the band, composed of Brandon Butler (vocals/guitar), John Anderson (drums), John Rejba (bass) and Joe Winkle (guitar), often began their songs with a simple bass line and then turned up the nobs and ditched the drum brushes, building up to epic crescendos with screaming, distortion and energy — all in a very controlled manner. Adding samples of crickets chirping, radio static and the far-off wail of train whistles gave the band a decidedly Midwestern/Americana feel without ever coming off as folk or country. Boys Life called it quits sometime in 1997.

Members have since went on to form the short-lived Farewell Bend, Lullaby for the Working Class and other projects. Winkle and Butler now do time in the Lo-Fi outfit Canyon.

Lister/Without Doubt - 7" single (Synergy Records)
Boys Life/Secular Theme - 7" split (Flapjack Records)
Breaker Breaker + 1 - 7" single (Synergy Records)
Boys Life/Giants Chair - 7" split (1993, Hit It! Recordings)
Boys Life/Vitreous Humor - 7" split (1994, Crank! Records 002)
Boys Life CD/LP - (1995, Crank! Records 004)
Boys Life/Christie Front Drive - 10" EP split (1996, Crank! Records)
Departures and Landfalls CD/LP - (1996, Headhunter Records 063/Cargo Records)

V/A Comps.
Kansas City Misery CD - (1995, Red Decibel Records)
(don't forget to) breathe CD/12" plus 10" double LP (1997, Crank! Records 011)

Alot of their older stuff is pretty difficult to find, Below is what i have come across in my travels. Enjoy

Boys Life/Giant Chair Split

Boys Life/Vitreous Humor Split

Boys Life

Boys Life/Christie Front Drive Split

Departures and Landfalls

V/A Kansas City Misery

V/A (Don`t Forget To) Breathe